Accessories (Travel)

  • Cajole


    LaFrancis Marketing
    Off-Site Member

    Gadgets you didn't know you needed.  A few from their collection....Cell phone accessories, Arctic Towels, Fidget Spinners, Purse Organizers & Kanga Pockets.

  • Found Image Press

    Found Image Press

    Shea Associates
    Suite 103

    Any image on any product. Vintage images on cards, calendars, journals, and more.

  • Gallery Leather

    Gallery Leather

    Prestige Marketing
    Off-Site Member

    Leather journals, photo albums, scrapbooks and guest books that are made in Maine.

  • Get Waisted

    Get Waisted

    JayBe-El Associates
    Off-Site Member

    A two-pocketed belt-like spandex carrier that fits just below the waist.

  • Mellow World

    Mellow World

    Gilefsky Group
    Suite 108

    Fashion forward handbags, wallets, and travel accessories.

  • Richard Usherwood

    Richard Usherwood

    Visiting Exhibitors
  • Sailor Bags

    Sailor Bags

    Prestige Marketing
    Off-Site Member

    Duffels, Backpacks, Coolerbags, Messenger bags and Family Electronics Bags are just of few pieces in our collection.

  • Scout by Bungalow

    Scout by Bungalow

    Brian & Company
    Suite 105B

    Functional fashion accessories for the active lifestyle.

  • Signare


    Gabriella's Gifts
    Suite 104

    Hand bags, umbrellas, pillow covers and much more in many styles with affordable prices and great quality.

  • Wind Up Wrist and Pocket Watches

    Wind Up Wrist and Pocket Watches

    Gabriella's Gifts
    Suite 104

    Affordable high quality watches are imported from Europe.