Housewares / Kitchen

  • Fired Up Tiles

    Fired Up Tiles

    TLM Associates
    Suite B402

    Artistic and functional unique art pieces. Special hand-glazing process provides a look found nowhere else. No two pieces are the same! Terra cotta Tiles, porcelain coasters, and inlaid Alderwood boxes. Custom available! Made in the USA.

  • McGowan Manufacturing

    McGowan Manufacturing

    Eric Berman Associates
    Off-Site Member

    Custom tempered glass cutting boards, trays, and coasters.

  • Scentennials


    JayBe-El Associates
    Off-Site Member

    Manufactured in the USA, Scentennials use premium oils for our fragrances. Our scented drawer liners are made using quality paper and graphics.

  • Studio 67

    Studio 67

    JayBe-El Associates
    Off-Site Member

    Mats that are washer and dryer safe and feature stylish designs.