JayBe-El Associates

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Seasonal items, jewelry, home accessories, bath and body, and gifts for all occasions.

Our Lines

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    A wide variety of word stones and pocket tokens used for motivation, inspiration, healing, gifts, party and wedding favors.

  • Brick Pond Handworks

    Brick Pond Handworks

    Beautiful ornaments designed in the tradition of Dedham Pottery.

  • Broadway Gifts

    Broadway Gifts

    Wood and brass miniature replica musical instruments in seasonal ornaments, magnets,music boxes, jewelry. Miniature ship models and ornaments.

  • Crossroads Home Decor

    Crossroads Home Decor

    A family-run business specializing in personalized gift items for friends and family.

  • Enchanted Imports

    Enchanted Imports

    Handcrafted free trade beaded jewelry from Guatemala. High color quality. Christmas ornaments.

  • Glass ReFactory

    Glass ReFactory

    Recycled bottle glass multi colored ornaments and suncatchers. Hand made in Virginia, USA. Museum quality.

  • Inner Beauty

    Inner Beauty

    Conceived by designers, formed in glass and painted by artisans, Inner Beauty ornaments are stunning contemporary realizations of a centuries old art form. 

  • Pat Isaac Designs

    Pat Isaac Designs

    A line of social expression products that offer inspiration, laughter, and personalized messages for all of America. 

  • Santa's Workshop

    Santa's Workshop

    Fabric Santa figures, nutcrackers, snowmen, angels, snow globes, Halloween and collegiate Christmas lines as well.