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TLM is the leading northeast sales and marketing organization, representing fine lines for sustaining contemporary and natural living.

Since 1991, we have purveyed a distinctive fusion of art, science and nature in the marketplace, joining a timeless effort to inspire an appreciation for the beauty of the world in and all around us.

Mindful too of future generations, we are passionate about doing today what our children will thank us for tomorrow. We therefore seek not only to promote the financial success of our stakeholders, but also to delight you, our friends and our customers, with products that are conceived from creative dreams, crafted with thought, and made to stimulate the animation and restoration of life.

Our Lines

  • Artery Ink

    Artery Ink

    Greeting cards, prints, t-shirts, coloring books and more! 

  • Aurora Glass

    Aurora Glass

    Beautiful 100% recycled glass sun catchers, ornaments, wind chimes, candles holders, bowls, and pendants come in attractive colors at reasonable prices. Non-profit charitible organization. Custom available! Made in the USA.

  • Creative Energy Candles

    Creative Energy Candles

    Organic hand-poured soy candle that melts to create not only a beautiful scent, but also a healthy body lotion. 

  • Fired Up Tiles

    Fired Up Tiles

    Artistic and functional unique art pieces. Special hand-glazing process provides a look found nowhere else. No two pieces are the same! Terra cotta Tiles, porcelain coasters, and inlaid Alderwood boxes. Custom available! Made in the USA.

  • Jacob's Musical Chimes

    Jacob's Musical Chimes

    Precision-tuned wind chimes of 70% plus recycled metals ~ car charms, plant adornments, magnets, silhouettes, lil’ pipers, and necklaces gift-packaged with displays. Made in the USA.

  • Maroma


    Fair-Trade Certified Incense, Aroma Sprays, Perfume, Soaps & Candles; top-selling Encense D’Auroville Incense sticks / cones, Kolibri Bug Repellent, Colibri sachets, Smudge Wands, Men’s, & Kalki incense/candles.

  • Natural Earth Paint

    Natural Earth Paint

    Eco-Friendly Paint Kits

  • Nirvana Jewelry

    Nirvana Jewelry

    Jewelry for the Spirit! Beautiful necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings in a plethora of spiritual and mystical symbols. Made of Sterling Silver, lead-free Pewter, Bronze, Silver plated bronze, Rhodium plated bronze, or various types of  genuine, masterfully-cut and polished gemstones.

  • Onyx + Green

    Onyx + Green

    Ecologically responsible office, school supplies and stationery. Every item has a story - Journals and notebooks with paper made of crushed stone. Pens made of corn plastic and bamboo, and so much more. Priced competitively, with quality never sacrificed!

  • Para'Kito


    PARA'KITO offers breakthrough innovation in mosquito repellents. Formulated in Provence, France; PARA'KITO sources the best all-natural ingredients worldwide. NEW Party Bands!! Also available in adults and childrens wrist bands, clips, gels, and refills.

  • Relaxus Products

    Relaxus Products

    Wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers of Top-Selling, ethically sourced gift products.

  • Ruger Wafers / Tree Hugger Gum

    Ruger Wafers / Tree Hugger Gum

    Makers of Ruger and Ruger2 Wafers! It's a waffle. It's a wafer. It's both. All natural ingredients, GMO-free. And now Treehugger Bubble Gum! No corn syrup, no GMO's, no artificial colors or flavors, no BHT or preservatives, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan AND Kosher (Parve). Treat yourself!

  • Sounds True

    Sounds True

    An independent multimedia publishing company that embraces the world’s major spiritual traditions, as well as the arts and humanities, embodied by the leading authors, teachers, and visionary artists of our time.

  • Two Trick Pony

    Two Trick Pony

    Two Trick Pony offers eco-friendly paper goods including a huge selection of greeting cards.

  • We Add Up

    We Add Up

    We Add Up is a Green America Approved business for people and the planet, offering the ultimate T-shirt, magnet, or gift for a person who is passionate about living a meaningful life.