TLM Associates

Celebrating 24 Years of Excellence 1991-2015

TLM is the leading northeast sales and marketing organization, representing fine lines for sustaining contemporary and natural living.

Since 1991, we have purveyed a distinctive fusion of art, science and nature in the marketplace, joining a timeless effort to inspire an appreciation for the beauty of the world in and all around us.

Mindful too of future generations, we are passionate about doing today what our children will thank us for tomorrow. We therefore seek not only to promote the financial success of our stakeholders, but also to delight you, our friends and our customers, with products that are conceived from creative dreams, crafted with thought, and made to stimulate the animation and restoration of life.

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ADORAtherapy by Opus Gaia LLC

ADORAtherapy™, and parent company Opus Gaia™, Global Provider of Innovative Aromatherapy Products to Enhance Personal Wellbeing™.


Aurora Glass

Beautiful recycled glass sun catchers, ornaments, candles holders, and aromatherapy diffusers come in attractive colors at reasonable prices.




Bloomin’ Seeded Paper is a designer and distributor of gift and greeting cards that you can actually plant and they will grow flowers.



The most comfortable natural rubber flip flops you’ll ever wear. Made of breathable, 100%natural rubber, they mold to the shape of your foot and add a spring to your step.


GLOB art supplies channel the age-old method of using fruit, vegetable, and flower pigments that yield vibrant, beautiful colors when mixed with water.

Healing Earth Vermont Herbals

Healing Earth Vermont Herbals was born of the belief that natural elements, as given to us by the Earth, are the best way to care for and heal our bodies.

Jacob's Musical Chimes

Welcome to the world of Jacob's Musical Chimes! Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff has been making his precision tuned wind chimes for over 27 years.


Promoting wellness, Maroma offers a wide range of fragrances and products.


Natural Patches Of Vermont

Brings you the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils using our unique patch delivery system.

Nippon Kodo

      Nippon Kodo combines the finest natural ingredients with state-of-art technology to create the finest and truest incense fragrances that burn even and clean.

Red Wheel Weiser Conari

"Books to Live By"... Mind, Body, Spirit... and General Gift


     Wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers of Top-Selling, ethically sourced gift products.

Sounds True

      Sounds True, for over 20 years has set the standard for life-changing, practical tools for transformation.

We Add Up

We Add Up is a Green America Approved business for people and the planet, offering the ultimate T-shirt, magnet, or gift for a person who is passionate about living a meaningful life.