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Aurora Glass - Ornaments, suncatchers, votive cups, drawer pulls

Made In The U.S.A

Aurora Glass Foundry is a U.S.A. based socially responsible manufacturer of a wide range of decorative items from 100% recycled glass.

They create beautiful sun catchers, ornaments, candles holders, and aromatherapy diffusers that come in attractive colors and at reasonable prices.

Recycled glass is collected, crushed, washed and mixed with metallic oxides that will produce rich colors when melted. Once the furnace is loaded with 500 pounds of the crushed glass, the "batch" is transformed into a glowing liquid and "cooked" at 2300 degrees over night. Our Artisans form the molten glass into architectural and decorative works of art for your home; unique items created exclusively by hand casting and the use of molds and stamps. Creating treasure from yesterday's trash is a beautiful thing, and we are proud to make products of simple beauty that also help reduce landfill waste in our community.

As a charitable, non-profit organization, Aurora also directs profits to fund housing and job training programs for the homeless and people of low income. Purchase of this line helps sustain communities and enables conscious retailers to inform their customers that they care, too.

Available Colors:

Aurora Glass - Color choices

Suncatchers by Aurora Glass:

Mermaid  [Aqua Blue] Angel [Aqua Blue]
Aurora Glass - Mermaid suncatcher in Aqua Blue Aurora Glass - Angel suncatcher in Teal
Dragonfly [Aqua Blue] Lighthouse [Cobalt Blue]
Aurora Glass - Dragonfly suncatcher in Aqua Blue Aurora Glass - Lighthouse suncatcher in Cobalt Blue
Labyrinth [Amethyst] Paw Print [Emerald]
Aurora Glass - Labyrinth suncatcher in Amethyst Aurora Glass - Paw print suncatcher in Emerald
Butterfly [Cobalt Blue] Dragon [Aqua Blue]
Cross [Aqua Blue] Nautilus [Cobalt Blue]
Heart w/ Sunburst [Cobalt Blue] Starfish [Teal]
Dove [Cobalt Blue] Gecko [Emerald]
Goddess [Amethyst] Honey Bee [Emerald]
Hummingbird [Purple] Moon [Cobalt Blue]
Mystic Star [Amethyst] Omm [Purple]
Pineapple [Emerald] Rose [Amethyst]
Sand Dollar [Teal]

Scallop [Teal]

Serpentine Knot [Purple] Sun [Amber]
Turtle [Aqua Blue] Whale [Aqua Blue]

Watch: The process, the mission, the makers, the trash turned to treasure!

Ordering information:

Opening order minimum - $200
Reorders - $100