Creative Energy Candles

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The Creative Energy Candle is an organic scented hand-poured soy candle that, when burned, melts to create a beautiful scent.

The difference between this and other candles is, the melted soybean wax doubles as a healthy body lotion suitable for skin. This formulation is dermatologist tested, FDA-approved and Kosher-certified.

This unique recipe has natural anti-aging properties as well as a moisturizing effect when applied to the skin due to a healthy combination of vitamins A, E and K; natural minerals and ingredients that contain a uniqe blend of antioxidant properties.

These Earth bound properties play a major role in protecting our skins elasticity and the overall mineral balance necessary for healthy, radiant skin.

All Creative Energy Candles are 100% all natural.

First of all, the candle base is a pure cosmetic grade soybean wax.

No pesticides, no herbicides, no GMO's.

Then, certified organic extra virgin coconut oil with vitamins A, E and K is bound in by using plant fat tissues. No palm wax, no paraffin or beeswax.

A special blend of botanical and essential oils are then infused into the mix, leaving you with a fresh clean scent without any harmful synthetics. No petroleum, or byproducts.

Finally, the dermatologist-tested FDA approved biodegradable formula is poured into the vessel around an unbleached organic cotton wick.

Dual Purpose

Simply pour a small amount of melted wax into palm of your hand, and gently massage onto the hands, feet or back. Or just sit back and enjoy the wonderful fragrance of your Creative Energy Candle.

The packaging is 100% recyclable “wrap sleeves”, instead of traditional boxes. This package design for the product translates to markedly less waste for our environment.  

This is a much “greener” alterative packaging concept, considering the amount of paper wasted on packaging for other lines of candles.

Available in small and large travel tin sizes with lids, medium and large sized glass jars, and assorted gift sets.

NEW for 2017

Creative Energy Wax Melts

The same best-selling formulation is being reimagined as a wax melt!

Suitable for use in either an electric warmer or tealight diffuser, these wax melts from Creative Energy offer a slick no-flame alternative in a resealable clamshell package.

Ordering Information:

Minimum Opening Order - $250

Minimum Reorder - NONE!

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