Inner Traditions / Bear & Co.

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Inner Traditions / Bear & Co. is a Vermont-based publisher of top-selling books, cards, and decks on new age spirituality, the occult, ancient mysteries, new science, holistic health, and more! 

New Releases

  • Quantum Akashic Field

  • Sacred Herbs of Spring

  • Evolutionary Empath

  • Runic Lore and Legend

  • Soul Dog

  • Essential Oils

New England Authors

  • Real Witches of New England

  • Total Life Cleanse

  • Soul Dog

  • Tuning the Human Biofield

  • Manitou

  • How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head

  • First Templar Nation

  • The Spirituality of Age

  • The Five Tibetans

Natural Living and Holistic Health

  • Liver Detox

  • Total Life Cleanse

  • Secret Medicines from Your Garden

  • Shungite

  • Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils

  • Conscious Food

Card Decks and Boxed Sets

  • Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle

  • Animal Allies

  • Ascension Cards

  • Tarot of the Four Elements

  • Angel Cards for Children

  • Angels of Light Cards

  • Triple Goddess Tarot

  • Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards

  • Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards