Natural Earth Paint

TLM Associates

We are an eco-friendly paint company using pure, natural earth pigments, millions of years in the making. The naturally colored clay was collected from the ground, dried, crushed and sifted into pure pigment. This pure , non-toxic paint has greater UV resistance, longevity, purity, and luminosity than synthetic paints, and it yields a rich, unique luster on the canvas. 100% USA Made.

Natural Face Paint

Face painting fun for Halloween, festivals, theater, circus or parties! Made with organic and natural ingredients, these paints are durable AND wash off easily with just water. This is the most opaque and highest quality natural face paint available! Hand-crafted in Oregon, USA.

  • Counter Display

  • Natural Face Paint Kit

  • Mini Face Paint Kit

  • Eco Applicator Set

  • Face Painting Fun

  • Face Painting Fun

  • Face Painting Fun

  • Face Painting Fun

  • Face Painting Fun

Children's Earth Paint

Made with real earth! Our best-selling, 100% non-toxic Children’s Earth Paint kit creates a creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed with water. Or add more water to create watercolors! The rich, vibrant colors can also be used by adults for crafting, scrapbooking, and more. Paints on wood, rocks, fabric, paper, glass and more. All ages! 100% Washable!

  • Children’s Earth Paint Kit

  • Petite Paint Kit

  • Painting Fun

Earth Flags Craft Kit

Paint your own home / garden flags! Children enjoy mixing our natural earth paints in the enclosed mixing cups, and the creamy, tempera-like paint makes it easy to paint colorful, custom designs on the hemp flags. 

  • Earth Flags Craft Kit

  • Flag Painting Fun

  • Earth Flags Craft Kit

Fine Art Supplies

Paint like the Old Masters with these 100% pure and natural earth oil paints. These naturally non-toxic paints create the most archival, UV resistant, durable and radiant paints available today. 

  • Oil Paint Kit

  • Eco-Solve

  • Eco Gesso Kit

  • Walnut Oil

  • Natural Pigments

  • Palette Knives

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