Nirvana Jewelry

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While mankind has made a tremendous amount of progress in the last few millennia it seems this progress has, to some extent, driven us ever so further away from our spiritual roots in the cultures and civilizations of times gone by. Nirvana started out in 1992 with a vision to create a line of jewelry that celebrated the timeless signs and symbols of those, perhaps, more glorious times.

To achieve this vision, their process embodies three important goals:

A significant amount of research was conducted into the ways, beliefs and traditions of the past - both to obtain design ideas, and to decipher their meanings.

That information is displayed on the backing legend card of each piece, providing an accurate and easily understandable history of the symbol in tandem with visually appealing packaging.

New Designs for 2018

  • Tree of Life with Chakra Stones

  • Om mane Padme Hum Bracelet

  • Om in Lotus

  • Viking Wolf

  • Yin Yang Cuff Bracelet

  • Talisman of Good Fortune

  • Quan Yin

  • Sacral Chakra

  • Drawing Down The Moon

  • Pentacle

  • Valknut Knot

  • Celtic Raven

  • Tree of Life

  • Brigids Cross

  • Celtic Dragon

Fine Pewter Jewelry

This pewter jewelry is lead free and is cast and finished in the United States with strict adherence to environmental laws and regulations. Nirvana has developed a special finishing process that gives these pewter pendants a very distinctive look that will not tarnish over time. 

  • Affirmation Bands

  • Angels

  • Animal Spirits

  • Celtic Astrology

  • Ceramic Pendants

  • The Hamsa

Sterling Silver Jewelry

The significance and symbolism of silver has not been lost on Nirvana. Even though their metallurgy allocates a generous precious metal content, it's their trademark quality and amazing detail that sets them apart from the crowd.

Nirvana's silver jewelry is cast partly in the United States and partly overseas. Since they have exclusive contracts with their overseas casters, they are able to exercise a very high degree of quality control. You will find Nirvana's silver products to be among the finest on the market.

All of Nirvana's Sterling silver is produced with a high silver content - where most manufacturers hover around the minimum 92.5% purity, Nirvana aims closer to ±95%. This gives each piece markedly more intrinsic value, without making it too malleable for everyday wear.

This, coupled with the intricacy and exclusivity of each design, presents a startlingly affordable and beautiful piece of Sterling silver jewelry.

  • Nordic Sun

  • Om Earrings

  • Peace

  • Peace Dove

  • Star of David

  • Turtle

Crystal Jewelry

The energies and harmonic frequencies emitted and resonated by crystals are largely responsible for the device you're using to view this page. It's no surprise that their properties, quite singular in nature, have lead to their use in sacred practices throughout the centuries.

The stones for Nirvana's crystal jewelry come mostly from Brazil, where they are handpicked to assure color and quality. We believe that the aesthetics of nature are second to none – so you will find many of these crystal pendants to be in their original rough cut state.

Nirvana offers a wide array of crystal jewelry. Capped in sterling silver or pewter, you'll find many varieties of minerals in unique and intricate settings.

  • Ammonite

  • Aqua Aura with Moonstone

  • Faceted Pendant

  • Faceted Pendulum Pendant

  • Mini Point

  • Rose Quartz Crystal Point

Bronze Jewelry

Both cost-effective and fashionable, bronze has been used to make jewelry since ancient times. With proper care, the bronze aficionado can make a statement for a long time to come.

As silver prices have made their rollercoaster ride, some of Nirvana's designs became unobtainable to the average consumer. To counter this and adhere to their original goals, they introduced their bronze line. Made of the finest available alloy, it became an overnight sensation. They have since expanded this branch exponentially.

  • Shamrock

  • Butterfly Pendant

  • Knotted Cross

  • Double Sided Heart Locket

  • Eternity Knot

  • Winged Nymph Earrings


MANY display options available. Priced to fit any budget.

  • Silver and Crystal

  • Pewter Jewelry