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Onyx + Green is a company that imagines creative ways to use recycled materials in offices and schools. 

Basically, their stance is 'The Greener, The Better'. Where it's economically and ecologically feasible, Onyx + Green uses recycled materials. If not, they're using new materials that are produced by doing significantly less harm to the environment than the standard method of manufacturing. For example, Corn Plastic. Or Bamboo. Portfolios and folders made with a special material that allows them to biodegrade within a year. Pens out of recycled milk cartons. They're even making a special type of paper out of crushed limestone.

And Onyx + Green believes staunchly that these products should be available to everyone at a realistic price. There's no gouging for a good feeling, here. See for yourself, you'll find that the big-box petrochem peddlers are offering lower quality items produced irresponsibly and harmfully for just about the same price.

The company's founder, Danny, was born into the stationery industry. His family has a history with these types of products spanning over 60 years. So when we say they're offering a quality product, we mean it. He also introduces his own special blend of creativity and aesthetics, making for a one-of-a-kind line.

Not only will you find responsibly produced products at reasonable prices, but you'll even find some things you've never seen before. Onyx + Green has, and will continue to, invent new ways to ease the hassle of paperwork, while at the same time easing the strain on our planet.

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NEW for 2017:

By popular demand, our stone paper just became that much more waterproof!

Introducing the Storm Writer!

An improvement on our stone paper technology, the Storm Writer is a completely waterproof modification to our original design.

Everything from the D2W poly covers to the pages and contents within is safe from any inclement weather. Just wipe and write!!

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Best sellers:

Onyx and Green - Hardcover stone paper journal display

These beautiful hardcover journals are made of stone paper.

What is stone paper?

Stone paper is a paper product made of crushed limestone. The limestone is heated to a high temperature, pressed and rolled. This material is tear resistant, water resistant, and actually quite pleasant to write on. Also, the process eliminates the use of water during manufacturing, so there's no runoff polluting the environment.

Interesting... Doesn't this cost more?

You'd think so, wouldn't you? These can comfortably retail for the same price as comparable tree paper journals.

Alright, what's the catch?

The only catch here is the eye of your customer!

Onyx and Green - Stone Paper Notebook Display

Also available with a recycled paper soft cover (printed with soya ink) in varying sizes!




Onyx and Green - corn plastic pens and scissors, jute messenger bag

Pictured above: 100% Jute Messenger bag, Scissors and pens made with Corn Plastic.

Onyx and Green - Bamboo paper notebooks, bamboo mouse

Pictured above: Bamboo wireless mouse and notebooks

Onyx and Green - Bamboo and corn plastic pens, recycled solar bamboo calculator

Pictured above: Bamboo and Corn Plastic pens, solar calculator with 70% post-industrial recycled internal components.

Onyx and Green - Recycled water bottle pens and adhesive arrow strips

Pictured above: Adhesive arrow strips and ballpoint pens made of recycled water bottles.

Floor displays available!

These cardboard displays come pre-packed, shipped flat with free freight!

(2 different assortments available, click on either for more information)

And if you really want to make a splash...

This beautiful bamboo spinner display comes with the best representation of the entire line.

With only an 18"x18" footprint, it fits a surprising amount of product for its size.

And, of course, shipped to you free of charge.

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Ordering Information:

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