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Relaxus is a Canadian-based Importer, Manufacturer, and Wholesale Distributor (Ships from the US). They develop, design and ethically source better products for a better world. Personal care and well-being form the foundation of their product offerings with a specialty in massage and relaxation. Additional categories range from toys, games and gifts, to assisted living and aromatherapy products. Whether you're looking for a plug-in diffuser for your desk or a remote control race car for your grandkids, Relaxus does it all.



Commitment to Ethical Business Practices

Ron Kline and Ari Schwartz are the founding partners at Relaxus. Ari Schwartz spent many years living in Asia and South America.  He is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Hebrew, French and English. Prior to start-up, Ari and Ron expressed their commitment to fair trade practices. In the late '80s and early '90s, it was much more difficult to find manufacturers that both conducted business ethically and provided a fair working environment. 

Fortunately, Ari’s hands-on experience of working and living in Taiwan, India, and Mainland China, and speaking the languages fluently, allowed him unprecedented access to the warehouses in these nations. He was therefore able to quickly identify, and sever ties with, any manufacturer that wasn't willing to provide safe conditions and fair wages.

Relaxus has never wavered from this commitment.

Their trading partners are their business partners, and their business partners are their friends.  Ari or Ron travel several times a year to visit their friends and ensure that quality and care are maintained.  They are proud to have the slogan “Ethically sourced by Relaxus” on their products.

And we are proud to represent Relaxus.

From the best selling Big Schnozz Tissue Box Covers; to the world renowned Zinger head massager and Handcrafted Meditation Cushions, the product mix is varied and unique.

All this plus more makes Relaxus the most unique supplier of assorted health and wellness products in North America.

COVID-19 Resources

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Disposable Face Masks

  • Attach & Go Hand Sanitizer

Travel / Summer Fun

  • Tropicool 6-pack

  • Hammock in a Bag

  • Hands-Free Utility Light

  • Water Skippers

  • Acu-Reflex Flip Flops

  • 6-in-1 Tool

Self-Care & Massage

  • Extendable Massager

  • Harmony Rollers II

  • Moji Balls

  • Acu Reflex Massage Ball

  • Foot and Body Roller

  • Harmony Roller Massager

  • Roller Ball Massage Glove

  • Thumbs-Up Massager

  • Zinger Scalp Massager

Advanced Body Therapy

  • Thermo Shiatsu Foot Massager

  • Pro Massage Chair Pad

  • Foot & Calf Bliss Massager

  • Mini Thermo Shiatsu Massager

  • Rejuvenator Power Massager

  • Sole Dream Foot Massager

Stress Relief Tools

  • Be Happy Anti-Stress Balls

  • Figit Finger Massage Bands

  • Magic Ball

  • Stress Pucks

  • Stress-Less Gel Balls

  • Thera Ball

Ultrasonic Diffusers / Humidifiers

  • Mini Desktop II

  • Mini Magic Mist

  • Venetian Ocean

  • Aroma Lights

  • Aroma Dot Ultrasonic Diffuser

  • Aroma2Go Mini USB Diffuser

Spa Relaxus

Paraben-free, Natural Ingredients, Individually Packaged 15-minute Facial Masks

30-Minute Glove and Sock Moisturizing Treatment, 2-Pack

  • Facial Masks

  • Foot Masks

  • Hair Treatment

Himalayan Salt Lamps

  • Classic Tea Lamp

  • Classic Salt Lamp

  • Tea Light Holder

  • Mini White Salt Pyramid

  • Mini White Salt Bowl

  • Mini LED Lamp

Toys & Games

  • Ka Pow Ball

  • 3D Wooden Puzzles

  • Moji Balls

  • Emo-Yo

  • Mighty Moji

  • Bamboo Brain Teasers

  • A Maze Balls

  • Mind Benders

  • Table Tennis 2GO

Remote Control Toys

  • Clik Trax

  • Hydro Race Boat

  • Lunar Stunt Car

  • Micro Drone

  • Mini Go Kart

  • Mini Race Car

Assisted Living

  • 5-in-1 Bottle and Jar Opener

  • Light Up Security Cane

  • Double Handled Mug

  • Sock Up Aid

  • Extendable Easy Reach

  • Extendable Back Scratcher

Health & Fitness

  • Yoga Socks & Gloves

  • Yoga Mats

  • Embroidered Yoga Mat Bags

  • Meditation Cushions

  • Nordic Walking Poles

  • Pro Skipping Rope