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Relaxus 2017 Fall/Holiday NEW ITEM CATALOG!

Relaxus 2017 USA Wholesale Catalog

Relaxus is a Canadian based Importer, Manufacturer, and Wholesale Distributor (Ships from the US). They develop, design and source Massage and Relaxation Products. In addition, they have the one of the widest selections of professional Massage, Physiotherapy, Spa and Chiropractic equipment, supplies and related products in the United States.

Not only that, but their considerable product lineup contains everything from toys, games and gifts, to assisted living and aromatherapy products. Whether you're looking for a plug-in diffuser for your desk, or a remote control tank for your grandkids, Relaxus does it all.

Commitment to Ethical Business Practices

Ron Kline and Ari Schwartz are the founding partners at Relaxus.

Ari Schwartz spent many years living in Asia and South America.  He is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Hebrew, French and English.  

Prior to start-up, Ari and Ron expressed their commitment to fair trade practices. In the late '80s and early '90s, it was much more difficult to find manufacturers that both conducted business ethically and provided a fair working environment. 

Fortunately, Ari’s hands-on experience of working and living in Taiwan, India and Mainland China, and speaking the languages fluently, allowed him unprecedented access to the warehouses in these nations. He was therefore able to quickly identify, and sever ties with, any manufacturer that wasn't willing to provide safe conditions and fair wages.

Relaxus has never wavered from this commitment.  

Their trading partners are their business partners, and their business partners are their friends.  Ari or Ron travel several times a year to visit their friends and ensure that quality and care are maintained.  They are proud to have the slogan “Ethically sourced by Relaxus” on their products.

And we are proud to represent Relaxus.

Relaxus has a massive, unique and varied product lineup. The best way to see everything is to get their catalog, either from the sidebar or the bottom of the page. However, we've still taken the time to list a few of their best sellers by category for you:


Harmony Roller Massager Foot and Body Roller

Roller Ball Massage Glove

Acu Reflex Massage Ball The 'Zinger' Scalp Massager 'Thumbs-Up' Massager

Advanced Massage

'Sole Dream' Foot Massager Mini Thermo Shiatsu Massager with Heat

Foot  & Calf Bliss Massager

Thermo Infrared Massage Cushion Body Interactive Massage Recliner 'Rejuvenator' Power Massager

Stress Balls / Therapy Tools

Stress Pucks 'Figit' Finger Massager / Stimulator

'Be Happy' Anti-Stress Balls

Ther-A-Way Ball Magic Balls

Stress-Less Gel Balls

Ultrasonic Diffusers / Portable Humidifiers

Aroma Dot Ultrasonic Diffuser Eco-Spa Mist Diffuser Mist-De-Light Diffuser
Large Eco Spa Deluxe Diffuser Aroma2Go USB Diffuser The 'Mister Hat' Humidifier

Spa Relaxus

Paraben-free, Natural Ingredients, Individually Packaged 15-minute Facial Masks
30-Minute Glove and Sock Moisturizing Treatment 2-Pack

Mobile Solutions

3-in-1 Charging Cable

100% Selfie Stick

Speaker2Go Bluetooth Speaker
Power2Go Power Station Charger Power2Go Solar Charger - 'Survive' Power2Go Power Pops Chargers

Himalayan Salt

Classic Tea Light Holder Classic Salt Lamp

White Tea Light Holder

Color Changing Micro LED Pyramid Salt Lamp Color Changing Micro LED Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp Color Changing Micro LED Cone Salt Lamp

Toys and Games

Bamboo 3D Puzzles A-Maze Balls Mind Benders
Table Tennis 2Go Kaleidoscopes Soccer Slide

Remote Control Toys

Mini RC Copter With Gyro 1:14 Lamborghini Superlegerra 1:18 Ferrari F1
2Pack Infrared Shooting Tanks Large 6 Axis Quad Drone w/HD Camera High Speed Boat (30KM/H)

Assisted Living

 5-in-1 Bottle and Jar Opener  Light Up Security Cane Double Handled Mug
 Sock-Up Aid Extendable Easy Reach Extendable Back Scratchers

Exercise and Yoga

Anti-Slip Yoga Socks/Gloves Yoga Mats Embroidered Yoga Bags
Meditation Cushions Nordic Walking Poles Skip Ropes

From the best selling Big Schnozz Tissue Box Covers; to the world reknowned Zinger head massager and Handcrafted Meditation Cushions, the product mix is varied and unique.

All this plus more makes Relaxus the most unique supplier of assorted health and wellness products in North America.

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Relaxus 2017 Fall/Holiday NEW ITEM CATALOG!

Relaxus 2017 USA Wholesale Catalog

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