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Makers of Ruger Wafers, and Treehugger Bubble Gum!

Ruger, the brand, started in 1987 with a simple objective to make premium quality products affordable. In 1987, gourmet products were only sold in gourmet stores, and always priced out-of-reach of most customers.  Americans were starting to travel more and becoming more interested in gourmet food products - especially from Europe. Having lived in Europe and growing up on Austrian Wafers, we saw that wafers sold in stores in the USA lacked taste and always seemed to be soggy or left a bad after taste. We were told by our clients that wafers were sold as inexpensive "belly fillers". The definition of belly fillers is a product that may not satisfy your taste buds but will fill you up inexpensively. We knew we had a great opportunity if we could introduce the American market to premium Austrian Wafers.
--Amir, Owner

Ruger Wafers

Fresh off the production line in the Austrian Alps, these premium wafers are packed straight into heavy-gauge foil packaging.

This ensures both flavor retention, and fresh-out-the-oven crispiness - No condensation means no soggy surprise when you open it up. Also, this method of packaging guarantees the longest shelf life of any wafer on the market.

Four crispy wafers made with oils that melt at body temperature eliminate the greasy, sometimes foul aftertaste left by other brands of wafers. And 3 layers of cream filling ensure an incredible flavor. This is the most important thing, yet other wafer brands severely lack it.

Ruger wafers are a wonderful addition to your morning cup of coffee, or as an ice cream topping, contributing its signature flavor to your 'Me' time, all the time.

Every component is made with quality in mind, ensuring every wafer is compliant with their strict self-imposed standards.

See what the buzz has been about for 25+ years!

  • 7 Crispy Creamy Layers

  • Aerated Cream Filling

  • Ruger with Coffee

  • Vanilla Wafer

  • Chocolate Wafer

  • Strawberry Wafer

XOXO Wafers

We've got snack time covered - quite literally.

With brand new resealable bags, you can easily just grab one or two - or indulge with a huge handful. Go ahead! We won't judge you.

NEW Mini Stick Gum

Tree Hugger All Natural Bubble Gum

TreeHugger Bubble Gum started out as a pipe dream. Two concerned fathers got together and said "Our kids love chewing bubble gum, but the stuff they're putting in it these days really scares us. Why should our children be reduced to little more than a chemical testing ground? Why aren't there natural alternatives?"

What makes this stuff different? Content, quality and responsibility.
Made with no corn syrup, it's not packed full of sugar - Just enough to carry the flavor! Made with no artificial flavors, it's not disgusting - No strange aftertaste! Made with no dyes, it's not full of benzidine or 4-aminobiphenyl - No possibility of cancerous consequences! Made with no GMO's, it's not terrifying - You can be sure Monsanto isn't playing hockey with your insides! Made with no preservatives, it still stays fresh - No DNA-altering nitrosamines! No gluten, no nuts, no dairy--perfect for kids with allergies!

Now that you know all the things it's NOT, how about all the things it IS?
It is the only completely all natural bubble gum. This isn't some chalky chew in a pretty box. It is Vegan, and Kosher (Parve); you don't have to sacrifice your beliefs to enjoy a tasty treat. It is proven that chewing gum can help kids with autism and other learning disabilities focus better. It is incredibly tasty, it has surprisingly long lasting flavor, and it is the same price or cheaper than normal gum!

Made in the USA.

They come in a convenient countertop 12ct POP display to get you started, or take advantage of a 72ct floor display at a discount with free shipping!

  • 8-ct Gumballs

  • 16mm Gumballs

  • 2oz Bags

  • 72ct Floor Display

  • Bubble Gum Filled Pops

  • Pops Counter Display

Vending Machine Programs

With a greater investment comes a greater margin... Realizing this, TreeHugger Bubble Gum has rolled out their Bubblegum Machine program!

With this program, there are 2 advantages. First being, of course, bulk pricing options. The second? After a predetermined time period, if you place a certain amount of orders, they will issue you a credit for THE FULL PRICE OF THE MACHINE!

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