The Northeast Market Center in Hudson, MA is the current home of the Gift And Decorative Center Association, also known as GDACA. GDACA is an association of wholesale rep groups which formed over 35 years ago, with the purpose of creating a wholesale gift mart in New England. Some of the charter members are still part of our association today. The first gift mart was located in Burlington, MA, but quickly moved up the street to Bedford, MA and later to Billerica, MA. As our lease was ending of Billerica, MA in 2011, a group of GDACA members formed a Search Committee to locate a new home for the gift mart.

The Northeast Market Center in Hudson, MA was chosen as our new home, and opened in July 2011. Today, the gift mart is home to both permanent showrooms and temporary vendors who exhibit together during our shows throughout the year. Our goal is for the mart to expand and membership grow, to provide our customers with the greatest possible variety of lines and products to see. We hope you will enjoy your visit to the NEMC!


The objects of GDACA, per our Association bylaws are as follows:

  1. To unite in common organization those engaged in the business of selling at wholesale, gift & decorative accessories and home furnishings in the New England area in order to improve, encourage, develop and promote the trade and business conditions.
  2. To encourage and preserve sound, legitimate, fair and ethical business conducts and practices.
  3. To promote gift shows in the area for the best interest of the membership and the trade.
  4. To provide space to be made available to the members of the Association for the purpose of displaying and promoting merchandise and to provide a place where members of the Association can meet to exchange information and ideas among themselves and others.
  5. To foster and promote a feeling of good will and fellowship between the members and the trade.
  6. If you are interested in joining our association, please call 800-435-2775. Space is currently still available at the gift mart. In addition, the association has Satellite membership available to those organizations who wish to participate in some shows without taking a permanent space.