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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Customer Service!

TLM is the leading northeast sales and marketing organization, representing fine lines for sustaining contemporary and natural living. Since 1991, we have purveyed a distinctive fusion of art, science, and nature in the marketplace, joining a timeless effort to inspire an appreciation for the beauty of the world in and all around us.

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Our Lines

  • Artery Ink

    Artery Ink

    Greeting cards, prints, t-shirts, coloring books and more! 

  • Capstone Esoterica

    Capstone Esoterica

    Capstone Esoterica is a premier wholesaler of best-selling products within the New Age, Metaphysical and Holistic markets. 

  • Fired Up Tiles

    Fired Up Tiles

    Artistic and functional unique art pieces. Special hand-glazing process provides a look found nowhere else. No two pieces are the same! Terra cotta Tiles, porcelain coasters, and inlaid Alderwood boxes. Custom available! Made in the USA.

  • Flipside Hats

    Flipside Hats

    Designed in Portland, Oregon. Made in America from organic and eco-materials. Visit our new Website to learn more: Belmont Brands.

  • GioGio Design

    GioGio Design

    Modern jewelry and home decor. Life is more interesting when we are inspired by the things we see around us every day. 



    HHPLIFT curates on-trend social impact products crafted by artisans overcoming barriers to employment and produced by social enterprises that transform lives and LIFTCOMMUNITIES. 

  • Inner Traditions / Bear & Co.

    Inner Traditions / Bear & Co.

    Top-selling books for the mind, body, and spirit. New Findhorn Press' guides to wellness, essential oils, crystals/gemstones, & oracle decks. Everyday free freight and 50% discount. HQ in Vermont.

  • Jacob's Musical Chimes

    Jacob's Musical Chimes

    Precision-tuned wind chimes of 70% plus recycled metals ~ car charms, plant adornments, magnets, silhouettes, lil’ pipers, and necklaces gift-packaged with displays. Made in the USA.

  • Kiss Naturals-Earthy Good

    Kiss Naturals-Earthy Good

    Learning Through the Power of Play. 

  • Maroma


    Fair-Trade Certified Incense, Aroma Sprays, Perfume, Soaps & Candles; top-selling Encense D’Auroville Incense sticks/cones, Kolibri Bug Repellent, Colibri sachets, Smudge Wands, Men’s Collection.

  • Natural Earth Paint

    Natural Earth Paint

    An Eco-friendly paint company using pure, natural earth pigments, collected from the ground, dried, crushed, and sifted into pure pigment. 100% USA Made.

  • Nature Mandala Art::Vermont

    Nature Mandala Art::Vermont

    Nature Mandala Art. Each one is ephemeral. Each one comes from nature. Art Prints. Cards. Gifts. Made in Vermont.

  • Relaxus Products

    Relaxus Products

    Wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers of Top-Selling, ethically sourced gift products.

  • Soulflower


    Soulflower Plant Spirit Art supporting your journey of healing and self-discovery with the loving guidance of the plant spirits. Every flower has a unique message to share to help you learn about yourself and your connection to the Earth.