Artery Ink

TLM Associates

Greeting cards, prints, t-shirts, coloring books, and more! Artfully handcrafted in the USA!

Artery Ink products bring ART + WELLNESS together to spread body positivity and education through art. 

Mara & Gloria are the creators and artists behind Artery Ink! Through their artwork, they aim to encourage folks to eat healthier and take better care of their body, by learning more about it and ultimately becoming happier and healthier!



*NEW* Stickers

 Personalize your water bottle, computer, notebooks, and more!

Vinyl - Durable - Weather-proof - Dishwasher Safe


  • Reminder Stickers

  • Anatomical Bicycle

Show Me Your Guts!

An artistic and anatomical coloring book for adults.

Winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category Gift/Specialty/Novelty!

  • Front Cover

  • Sample Coloring Page

  • Sample Coloring Page


Shirts are unisex - Poly-Cotton Blend - VERY Soft - Made in USA!

  • Onesies

  • Yoga Tanks

  • Transplant Awareness

  • Heart & Spine

  • Anatomical Lungs

  • Anatomical Bicycle

Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards all begin with an original hand-drawn design. Once the design is turned into a digital file it is paired with a clever pun, common cute sayings, or left to be just a mini work of art. Each card is blank inside and comes with a fun and informational body awareness fact on the back. 

Blank Inside - Card Size: 5x7 - Color of Envelope will vary - Clear Individual Cello Package

  • New Baby

  • Get Well Soon

  • Wedding

  • The BEETles - Birthday

  • Hippest Dad

  • Sugar Snap Pea - Birthday

  • Back - Thank You

  • Bees - Birthday

  • Morel Support - Thanks!

Art Prints

Available in two sizes: 8x10 or 11x14

Available on two paper styles: Photo Print: Semi-Gloss archival paper to be framed or Coloring Print: Thicker white card-stock, perfect for markers or pencils!

  • Yoga Pose

  • Honey Bee

  • Anatomical Bicycle


12-pocket table spinner, 
Includes 10 free cards. 29" high, 12" spinning diameter, 12"x12" base.

24-pocket floor spinner, 
Includes 16 free cards. 68" high, 12" spinning diameter, 15"x15" base.

  • Table or Floor Spinner

  • Card Displays

  • Card Displays