Capstone Esoterica

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Capstone Esoterica is a premier wholesaler of best-selling products within the New Age, Metaphysical and Holistic markets. Custom Available. Made in the U.S.A. and Ethically-Sourced.

Top-selling tools for transformation and healing: genuine crystal and gemstone jewelry and home decor, featuring attractive display packages of energy stones, pendulums, sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Distinctive wine stoppers, walking sticks, hand-dipped taper candles, and Tea Sugar!

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NEW Gemstone Candles

These candles are hand-poured with 100% natural soybean wax and hybrid cotton & crackling wooden wick. Available in six aromatherapy fragrances with a matching gemstone selected to complement those aromatherapy benefits. 

  • Soothing & Relaxing

  • Invigorating & Comforting

  • Gemstone Candle Holders


Highest Quality Gemstones with Attractive Display Packages

Necklaces - Earrings - Rings

  • Gemstone Amulets

  • Gemstone Amulet Display

  • Gemstone Earrings

  • Free Form Terra Gem Necklace

  • Terra Gem Necklace Display

  • Revolving Counter Display

  • Hematite Bands

  • Atomized Titanium Band

  • Agate Bands


  • Pendulums

  • Pendulum Display

  • Heart Gemstones

  • Energy Gemstones

  • Gemstone Ponder Stones

  • Gemstone Display

  • Ferromagnetic Stones

  • Satin Spar Selenite

  • Rock Crystal Candy\y

  • Walking Sticks

  • Spirit Animals

  • Wind Chimes


  • Capstones

  • Brazilian Amethyst

  • Desktop Capstones

  • Gemstone Coasters

  • Gemstone Wine Bottle Stopper

  • Hand-Dipped Taper Candle

  • Bonsai Trees of Life

  • Gemstone Night Light

  • Tea Sugar