Fired Up Tiles

TLM Associates

“Unique with a purpose” is what Steven Nahabedian calls his Fired Up terra-cotta tiles. Starting with just a few designs, Fired Up Tiles became truly unique and recognized for their bright colored glazes, bold designs, and most important—functionality. Each hand-made tile can be used as a hot plate trivet, art for the wall, or inlaid into a floor, backsplash, or garden as a decorative design. Made in the USA!

With more than 200 designs and 24 different glazes catering to all cultures, decors, and taste!

Tiles / Trivets
Customize any tile glaze or color and add your choice of emblem. All tiles/trivets are 6" x 6" terracotta tile with foam feet for tabletop display and an attached wall hanger for mounting.

Each of the coaster designs is on 4¼” white porcelain tiles – one design per bundle of four.





* NEW 2021 Designs!

  • Anchor

  • Lighthouse

  • Adirondack Chair

  • Cardinal

  • Birds of a Feather

  • Birch Trees with Two Cardinals

Tiles / Trivets / Decorative Art

Decorative for the wall (come with hanger) as well as functional for the dinner table (foam feet to use as a trivet.) Each tile is a 7/16 inch thick and 6 inch square of terracotta. Motifs are hand-printed and hand-glazed with crystalline glazes to achieve an interesting and one-of-a-kind design.

  • Coaster Sets

  • Symbols

  • Nature

  • Quotes

  • Beauty


  • Holiday

  • Paleo Goddess

  • Celtic

Custom Designs

Promote your store or celebrate an event with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind tile or coaster with your logo or design.

There are over 15 stock base colors to choose from and 10 color burst options making many color combinations possible. The quantity ordered does not need to be all in the same color. You can select colors any way you like. Designs that are multicolor will be charged additional fees.

Typical production time is 3-4 weeks, however, we will ship your order as quickly as we can. We ship ground services using FedEx or UPS. Expedited shipping is available.

Custom Label

Add your company logo or commemorate a special event by adding a customized label on the back of the tile or coaster.