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HHPLIFT is a non-profit social enterprise creating a movement through beautiful, hand-crafted, social impact products. From unique bags and accessories to the luxe LIFT line of personal care and candles, each LIFT product allows you to Buy What you Believe In™.

In 2021, HHPLIFT was awarded the NY NOW Diversity Advocate Award. This award speaks to the heart and principles of what NY NOW stands for –  diverse creation, thought, and design. HHPLIFT is so proud of our mission to forge economic independence through workforce and employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment.

Products include the LIFT™ line of personal care products and candles are made in the US and produced in our workshop by associates of our 1eleven Program - a program dedicated to creating jobs and careers for people with significant life barriers to employment and who have been historically sidelined from equal opportunity in the workplace. 

The Smateria® line, made in Cambodia from industrial net and exclusively available in the US by HHPLIFT, offers smart and fun, bold and colorful, eco-friendly bags and accessories. 

*IKI NEW from SmateriaIKI Collection. a new line of sustainable bags produced in-house with their cutting edge, recycled plastic-fusing method.




Bags with a soul. These beautiful bags, travel goods, and accessories are handmade in Cambodia from industrial net material. All items are 100% ethically made in Cambodia with an Italian flair, using high quality and durable materials.

  • Hip Bag

  • Scout

  • Nearby

  • Travel Clutch

  • Lucy Bag

  • Shopper Tote

  • Tradition Wallet

  • Courier Messenger Bag

  • Stella Backpack

IKI by Smateria

  • Daydreamer Tote

  • Wildcard Studio Bag

  • Instinct Crossbody

  • Expert Shopper Bag

  • Leader Laptop Bag

  • Momentum Backpack

1eleven Bath + Spa Candles

Beautiful, crisp scents that evoke the best of nature. Handcrafted using 100% soy, cotton wicks, and lead-free glass. Candles are eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable, and carbon neutral. Made in the USA as part of our 1eleven Program.

  • LIFT Note Profiles

  • Soy Candle Collection

  • The Men's Collection

  • Ocean Collection

  • 2oz Votive

  • 4oz Spark Tin

  • 8.5 oz Candles

  • Winter Scent Candle

  • Spa Day Set

XO Glass Etched Votive

Complex and refined our XO Soy Candle is intoxicating. There’s an exotic mix of citrus spice with a floral edge. The fresh wood of cedar and sandalwood matched with dark musk creates a rich and lasting warmth. And with the XO etched into each glass it will make a lasting impression. Made in the USA as part of our 1eleven Program 

  • XO Candle with Box

  • XO Candle

  • XO Collection

1eleven Bath + Spa: Salts & Soaps

BATH SALTS: Soothing & Detoxifying, Naturally Exfoliating, Created with Pacific Sea salts, natural fragrance & vitamin E oil

SOAPS: Nourishing aloe glycerine cleans smoothly without drying, All-natural scents that do now overwhelm the senses, Hand-crafted with glycerine, natural fragrances oils, and aloe. Made in the USA as part of our 1eleven Program.

  • Aloe Soap Collection

  • Ocean Salts Collection

  • Bath Salts Collection

  • Signature Aloe Bath Soaps

  • Lewis & Clark Soak

  • Soaking Salts

COVID-19 Resources

  • Face Mask Lanyards

  • New Masks

  • Soap Tins