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Welcome to the world of Jacob’s Musical Chimes! Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff has been making his precision-tuned wind chimes for over 28 years. Best known for his hugely popular Car Charms (often just called “car chimes”), Jacob’s first chimes were the “Traditional” series (including the best selling Waterfall, the Cascade, the Whisper, the Cathedral, the Grandfather, and the Desk Chimes). These metal wind chimes make peaceful and relaxing music in the wind, always perfectly tuned, 100% weatherproof and lifetime guaranteed. Proudly made in the USA!



Magnetic Adorn-A-Ment Chimes

Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff takes great care in the tuning of his Refrigerator Magnet Chimes. The blending of its three notes, all tuned in the pentatonic scale, creates a pleasant and musical effect upon opening the fridge, file cabinet, or metal door. Available in 29 collectible designs.

Plant Adorn-a-ments

Decorate your garden, vase or potted plant with the gentle chiming of a Musical Plant Adorn-a-ment® wind chime. These musical plant stakes feature three perfectly tuned solid aluminum pipes hung from natural, celestial and whimsical shapes perched atop a weather-resistant stainless steel stake. Available in 29 collectible designs.

Little Piper Chimes

Jacob's Little Piper Wind Chime is small -- yet surprisingly vocal. The blending of its three notes creates a pleasant and musical effect when struck by the hematite clapper. Made with weatherproof materials, so hang it in the kitchen, the garden, the car, in a window -- almost anywhere! Available in 29 collectible designs.

Musical Car Charms

Jacob's Best Selling Musical Car Charms will soothe and relax as you navigate the busy highways of life. Chime maker Jacob Sokoloff hand tunes these car chimes to produce a musical sound guaranteed to make you smile. With its cute cardboard "Beetle," it's the ideal gift! Available in 30 collectible designs.      

All Car Charms now come in finished in an antique gold coat.

Silhouettes by Jacob

The Master Chime Maker brought some contrast to the line with these handsome Silhouettes! Four perfectly tuned aluminum pipes strike the solid brass clapper to produce an amazingly vocal sound that rivals chimes costing much more. The classy black silhouette image with black windcatcher adds an elegant touch to any setting. Individually poly bagged. Available in nine collectible images. Cardboard display free with purchase of 18 Silhouettes!

Musical Door Chimes

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