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Fair-Trade Certified! Maroma Incense Collection; Encense D’Auroville - Sticks - Cones - Smudge Wands, Gifts; Aroma Sprays, Perfume & Candles, Colibri Sachets, Men’s Collection.

Committed to earth-friendly products and responsible manufacturing practices for over 40 years. Fair-Trade Certified. 



Maroma Incense

Maroma's unparalleled expertise in blending perfectly balanced and natural fragrances is expressed in several incense lines, each uniquely designed with specialized techniques and distinct fragrant characteristics.


  • Encens D'Auroville

  • Bambooless Incense

  • Bambooless Incense

  • Aromatherapy Incense

  • Incense Leaves

  • Cone Incense

  • Sama Incense

  • Smudging Wands

  • Incense Gift Set

Aromatherapy Collection

These exceptional aromatherapy products are formulated with the finest natural essential oils and botanical ingredients. Our unique blends have NO SYNTHETIC ingredients so that they accompany your natural lifestyle.

  • Pulse Point Sprays

  • Bath Salts

  • Incense

Personal Fragrances

Combining natural botanicals and pure essential oils, these captivating aromatic collections offer something for everyone! 

  • Perfume Oil

  • Eau de Toilette Sprays

  • Perfume Oil Roll-On

Maroma Men

Maroma Men's personal fragrances, soaps, and oils are centered around 4 meticulously crafted natural fragrances: Cedar Lavender, Olibanum Citrus, Tonka Vetiver, Orange Patchouli.

  • Fragrance Oils

  • Face & Body Soaps

  • Beard Oils

Maroma Candles

These candles are a sublime blend of eco-friendly ingredients that transform mere candlelight into a dramatic medley of fire, color, and aromatics. When lit, the luminaries’ rich designs glow like stained glass as the vegetable wax broadcasts a soothing fragrance.

  • Meditation Candles

  • Luminary Candles

  • Flower Candles

Maroma Incense Holders

  • Holden with Pattern

  • Ceramic Incense Holders

  • Long Incense Holder

Maroma Sachets

Aromatherapy for your Drawers and Closets

  • Flower Sachets

  • Colibri Sachets

  • Colibri Fresh Shoes

Maroma Floor Display

Small Footprint - Big Statement - Increased Revenue for High Volume Stores