Relaxus Products

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Relaxus is a Canadian-based Importer, Manufacturer, and Wholesale Distributor (Ships from the US). They develop, design, and ethically source better products for a better world. Personal care and well-being form the foundation of their product offerings with a specialty in massage and relaxation. Additional categories range from toys, games and gifts, to assisted living and aromatherapy products. Whether you're looking for a plug-in diffuser for your desk or a remote control race car for your grandkids, Relaxus does it all.



Relaxus Beauty

Natural Body Therapies

  • Bamboo Brushes

  • Spa Relaxus Masks

  • Shower Bombs

  • Deep Exfoliating Foot Masks

  • Facial Rollers

  • Nail Clippers Duo

Stress Relief & Massage

Easy to use tools to soothe achy muscles, help reduce stress and relax the whole body.

  • Magic Balls

  • Thumbs up Wooden Massager

  • Acu-Flex Massage Balls

  • Harmony Roller

  • Roller Ball Massage Glove

  • Kayo II - Percussion Massager

COVID-19 Resources

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  • Disposable Face Masks

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